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HMatW Newsletter


Health Matters at Work ENews - August 2010

Meet Brody Miller

This is Brody Miller with his mother. Like most 5 year old boys, Brody’s day consists of going to Kindergarten, playing with friends, watching TV and just being active! To look at Brody, you would never know that a few months ago he was in a doctor’s office and was facing the possibility of going blind. Brody’s mother had suspicions he had a problem with his sight because he would sit very close to the TV and bump into things, but she never thought anything was serious.

“We took Brody to the specialist; I was stunned by the diagnosis. Brody was diagnosed with amblyopia in one eye and the potential for amblyopia in the other. I was scared that my little boy might go blind.” Today, he shows little signs of the eye condition that almost robbed him of his sight. It was through an early detection program and quick action by the staff screeners of Prevent Blindness America that Brody was able to get back to the daily activities that he loves so much.

For more information about Prevent Blindness America, visit http://www.preventblindness.org.