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June 2011 CHC of New England

Webinar- Summer Safety- Preventing Traumatic Brain Injury

Summer Safety-A Focus on Preventing Traumatic Brain Injury

Summer is almost here – the season of sun, fun and relaxation. While preparing for fun summer activities, take time to learn about potential summer hazards with a focus on preventing traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a devastating and costly health problem. Every 21 seconds a person in the United States suffers a TBI, most often as the result of a motor vehicle crash, fall or recreational sporting activity.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), for children 0- 14 years of age, TBI results in nearly 2,700 deaths and 435,000 visits to the emergency room annually. On June 16, at 1:00 pm (EDT), Community Health Charities of America partners with the Brain Injury Association of Maryland to offer an informative webinar on summer safety. Join this webinar and learn tips in preventing various types of brain trauma related to sports and recreational activities, while learning about brain trauma symptoms.




About the Speaker: Bryon Thomas Pugh

Bryan Pugh is the Executive Director of the Brain Injury Association of Maryland. He is charged with creating a better future for the citizens of Maryland through brain injury prevention, education, advocacy and the promotion of research. Bryan’s passion for serving the brain injured population stems his wife’s work as a an advanced practice neurology nurse, his adopted son’s challenges with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome,  and his sister’s recent diagnosis with inoperable brain cancer.

In his role as Executive Director, he has had the privilege of working with dedicated survivors, families, professionals, and legislators on important issues affecting BIAM’s brain injured clients. At the most recent legislative session, the Maryland General Assembly passed a comprehensive Student Athlete Concussion Awareness bill that will be signed by the governor in May. 


Prior to being named the BIAM’s Executive Director, Bryan worked for the University of Maryland School of Law in the Dean’s Development and Communications office.  A native of Florida, an attorney and mediator by training, Bryan has represented various state agencies, the state Board of Regents, and several state universities in Florida.


He and his wife of 23 years spend most of their spare time keeping up with their four kid’s sports and social calendars. 


About the Brain Injury Association of Maryland

Our Mission is to create a better future through brain injury prevention, education, advocacy and promotion of research. We Take Action….by providing support for a wide variety of projects and programs in resource referral, prevention, education and self determination.

Our resource specialists provide information, referral and support to individuals with brain injury, families and professionals. One of our most successful prevention programs is our annual Eat A Peach Challenge Bike Ride and Fun Walk that promotes bike safety and helmet use for adults and children. BIAM also participates and school and community health fairs. Our educational programs include our Annual Conference as well as seminars and training programs for healthcare professionals, educators, individuals with brain injury, family members/caregivers, and the general public. Our legislative efforts include advocacy on local, state and national levels through our Legislative Committee, Regional Representatives and Outreach Councils.