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Join our November 19 webinar to learn how to protect your kidneys
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November/December 2014 Mid-Month Update
Register Now: Ignoring Your Kidneys is Risky Business

Do you have high blood pressure or diabetes? Do you use pain relievers? Do you smoke? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then join us on Wednesday, November 19 to learn how to protect your kidneys from disease and failure...

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Caregiving 101: Taking on the Role of Caregiver

At some point in their lives, many Americans will take on the role of being a caregiver to a family member. In fact, family caregivers provide the majority of long-term care services for people with a chronic illness or disability...
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Recipies 4 Healthy Living
Spiced Turkey Breast with Apple Chutney

Are you tired of traditional Thanksgiving turkey? Spice up your holiday meal with this sweet and savory recipe from the American Diabetes Association. The apple chutney adds delicious servings of fruit...
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Exercise Tip
Winter Workouts for People with Asthma or Arthritis

Cold days are coming! Winter weather can exacerbate existing conditions like asthma, arthritis and chronic migraines, just to name a few. But just because the trees are bare and there's a chill in the air doesn't mean you have to forgo your daily walks outside for the dreaded treadmill...
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Story of Caring
Meet Steve: Embracing the Future after Pancreatic Cancer

I'm not adding anything to my bucket list these days. Instead, I'm content with simple things. Being there for my older daughter as she navigates another year of college. Even chopping down another Christmas tree is something I'm looking forward to...
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June 2011 CHC of New England

Podcast- A Spotlight on Huntington's Disease Society of America

Free Video Podcast: A Spotlight on Huntington's Disease Society of America

Speaker: Dr. Madaline Harrison, Neurologist and Director of UVA HDSA Center of Excellence


Huntington's Disease – a devastating, hereditary, degenerative brain disorder for which there is no cure or treatment – slowly diminishes an affected individual's ability to walk, talk and reason. This disease affects young and old alike. Currently, one out of every 10,000 Americans has HD and approximately 200,000 Americans are at risk for developing the disease. The first step of moving toward developing an effective treatment is to understand how the disease works. One of those dedicated to advancing knowledge of HD is Dr. Madeline Harrison, Director of the Huntington’s Disease Society of America’s Center of Excellence at the University of Virginia. Dr. Harrison sat down with Community Health Charities to discuss the work HDSA is doing to fight the disease, the progress being made by those dedicated to HD research and a bill that HDSA is currently advocating to the U.S. Congress.


Be sure to watch this insightful interview with Dr. Harrison to learn more about HDSA and their efforts to bring hope to the lives of those with HD. Click here on June 15th to watch the free video podcast.


About HDSA

The Huntington’s Disease Society of America is a national, voluntary health organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with Huntington's Disease and their families. HDSA’s mission is to promote and support research and medical efforts to eradicate HD, assist people and families affected by HD to cope with the problems presented by the disease, and educate the public and health professionals about HD.


Through 12 HDSA regions, 38 volunteer-based chapters and affiliates, and 200+ support groups, HDSA reaches out across the nation to offer HD patients and their families guidance, encouragement, resource information and leadership opportunities. HDSA seeks to promote knowledge and awareness of HD through special events, meetings, seminars and advocacy programs in a comprehensive effort to work toward a cure. To learn more, please visit www.hdsa.org.